Partial or Full Dentures

The process for making both partial dentures and full dentures is quite similar. Removable partial dentures are typically used when a patient is missing several teeth and the remaining teeth cannot be fixed to a bridge. Full dentures are necessary when all teeth are missing or when the remaining teeth need to be pulled because of a poor prognosis.

Dentures are usually made of an acrylic (plastic) pink base made to look like gum tissue. The denture teeth are made of either porcelain or plastic. First, an impression is made of your gums or existing teeth and sent to the lab and more exact impression trays are made and new custom impressions are then taken for an accurate fit. The lab constructs a model of your denture in wax and it is checked for fit in the mouth. When you are pleased with the appearance of your teeth, it is sent to the technician for final processing.

Full Dentures
Partial Dentures

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