Welcome to the Family

With over 25 years of practice in Orange County, we are devoted to providing care at an affordable cost and treating our patients as members of our family.

Please give us a call 714-537-7562

Dr. Debbaneh has been practicing in the same location in the heart of Orange County for 25 years. His staff manager Christine has been working along side him for 20 years.  It is our mission to provide affordable care you seek and to meet the goals you have. We have provided a variety of dental services to thousands of patients with a very high satisfaction rate. Many of these patients and their families have been with us since we started and several still come from distant locations, some even from a different state after relocating! They keep coming just for one reason: TRUST.

In our office, we treat our patients as friends´╗┐. It is very common to hear our patients saying, “Your staff and doctor are some of the nicest we have dealt with”, or “This is my best dental treatment experience I ever had”, or “It was much easier than I thought”.

Treatment choices can vary between different patients and can be confusing – from very complicated and expensive to very basic. This is where a dentist’s experience really counts: we help our patients to decide which treatment plan to choose by simplifying the choices and providing affordable fees, all without any sale pressure. 

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Please come in, and meet with us. We will give you an evaluation at no cost, and explain your choices according to your needs. After the initial consultation, you will be able to decide whether or not you would like to come back for treatment without any pressure or bothersome calls.

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